Our story
It all started in 2013 when we made our first hoodie with art. Since then we've been discovering contemporary artists and collaborating with the world's leading art institutions. Our goal is to make art more accessible and a much bigger part of our everyday lives by connecting art & fashion.
This collection will strike you twice - in reality and in AR, when you see the effects our artists have added to the artwork.
Use your Instagram filters to see the artwork with Augmented Reality.

Digital dresses & suits with artwork by Y.Shein
Introducing our first digital capsule ABSTRACT

As the artist himself states: "ART is an uncontrollable process. The visual experience I get in my everyday life is what I'm leaving on the canvas. We're surrounded by digits, lines and colours. Basically, our whole world is revolving around numbers : where would we be without our phones, bank cards, house numbers? This painting is about the world we live in".

Visual artist A.Kurmanin created the digital version of the items that are now available online on Replicant.
More on why we're true ARToholics
Quality materials
We're using only premium-quality materials
so that your body will be treated like a true piece
of art that it is
Promoting art around the world
Our mission is to support talented artists around the world, no matter of their experience, race, gender and nationality
We're not forming a large stock of products, because we believe that we can do a much better job to our planet with Print-on-demand principle. One the order is in - we start working on it, so there's no over-production
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Meet Our Leaders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
It all started when I first saw Monet's water lilies. Since then, I've been in love with art, both classical and contemporary. It astonishes me how through the canvas and paint we can experience happiness, sadness, curiosity and many other feelings. Our mission is to make sure that as many people as possible start sharing our interest in ART and we chose clothes as a medium to do so.
Head of operations
Helen arranges achievement of the goals being set by strategical planning, she keeps an eye over functionality of business processes and coordination of structural departments
Head of Product & Design
Liza designs beautiful and high-quality clothes and accessories for real art lovers. She is inspired by the smiles of customers and honest feedback.
Sales manager
Hello, my name is Alla.
I am sales manager in Art Flash.
Most of all I like to watch 3 things: works of art, people, wearing Art Flash clothes)
Head of communications, curator, artist
Anastasia is responsible for the making connections and communications with partners, art experts, artists. She builds a community around the brand and runs the private Art Club for the true art lovers.
Head of SMM
Dhana is a true content-lover, her aim is to make art the greatest trend. Her artoholic vibes you can literally feel while enjoying our social media. She believes that creativity and feedback will save the world, so feel free to comment our posts.
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